Festa dell'Opera 2021 - Festa dell'Opera

Festa dell'Opera
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A project by
Fondazione Teatro
Grande Brescia

Published on8 January 2021

Festa dell’Opera 2021

2021 coincides with ten-year edition of Festa dell’Opera.

To celebrate this important milestone Fondazione del Teatro Grande decided to extend the Festa on three days, from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th. The rich programme will cross several places of the city and it will be communicated as usual in the weeks before the event. Its main vocation is still to open and to bring people closer to Opera, both lovers and beginners of every age. Through contamination between music languages (jazz, electronics, swing, pop, rock, contemporary music), meetings and dedicated events for children, Festa dell’Opera 2021 will have a stronger effect on the city, by touching most symbolic places and by opening the doors of precious buildings usually not accessible. The Festa dell’Opera’s spirit of sociality and joy will remain intact: many places will be involved, both public and private, out and in-door, to promote through music the extraordinary historic and architectural heritage of the city. Once more Festa dell’Opera will conquer everyone to indulge warmth and consent of tons of people. In 2021 partnerships with the urban tissue will increase in terms of arts, accomodation and sociality, to spread the magic of Opera in every contexts.

As made for the perfomances planned in 2020 Season, also the format of Festa dell’Opera has been rethought to adapt to the new social enviroment following the pandemic. We decided to move the events in summer season and to extend the artistic offer with the aim of giving to the audience the opportunity to live the charm of Opera and the most interesting jazz sounds. The performances will take place in security and in accordance to limits as enforced by Authorities: sanitization, assigned and restricted seats, ban on gatherings, social distance and dpi use.

To stay on top of news about Fondazione del Teatro Grande activities please visit www.festadellopera.it/en.