Special openings Cafè del Teatro Grande Berlucchi - Festa dell'Opera

Festa dell'Opera
Saturday 10th June 2023

A project by
Fondazione Teatro
Grande Brescia

Published on7 June 2022

Special openings Cafè del Teatro Grande Berlucchi


In the upcoming weeks, the opening times of the Caffè del Teatro Grande Berlucchi will slightly change.

On the occasion of Festa dell’Opera 2022, the Cafè will be open on Saturday 11th June and on Sunday from 10AM to 8PM. Therefore, not only everybody walking around the city on the day of Festa will have the possibility to stop and visit the amazing spaces of the Cafè, but those who will choose to attend the shows organised during Festa dell’Opera inside the Theatre will be able to have a beautiful break in the Theatre itself.

The opening hours are available on the specific section of the Fondazione Teatro Grande’s website.